The Red Pyramid

Summary of The Red Pramid

This novel starts out when one of the main characters, Carter, visits his sister, Sadie, (who lives in London), for Christmas with his father. The two hardly ever see each other because their grandparents refused to let both of the children stay with their father, after he was blamed for his wife’s death. The two have barely anything in common besides their mom. Later, the three go to a museum, where their dad says he's going to "make things right".   The father blows up the Rosetta Stone, and himself, releasing five of the Egyptian gods. A short while after, their long forgotten uncle, Amos, brings them to a place called the "House of Life" and Carter somehow opens the door just by lifting his hand. Later, Carter's spirit leaves his body and travels through the Duat and ends up in Phoenix, Arizona where he hears Set, the red lord, and two minions discuss what their plan will be. After Carter wakes, he, Sadie and Amos have breakfast and meet Amos's crocodile, Phillip of Macedonia, who happens to be a vegetarian. A short while after, two slizards (half lizard - half snake) attack the house. Phillip makes a hole in the pool after they start atacking him. Phillip and the slizards fall into the hole and only the slizards make it back up. Sadie’s cat Muffin turns into the cat goddess, Bast, and defends the house.

Later, the three run away from Set's minions, who hold a golden coffin like the one Set put their father in, and the three finally get away. When they make a pit stop, Bast insists that the house's protection spells were sabotaged by someone of the house because only someone of the house could weaken the spells. The three later go to the Museum of Natural History to go to another House of Life. On the way they run into Serqet, a snake goddess. Bast distracts her so the two siblings can get away. Once they enter the Egyptian section, they meet Zia Rashid who saves them from Serqet. They then head to the first nome in Egypt. There Carter and Sadie have a magic duel and both get exhausted after they use energy consuming spells that took all of their energy way. At the same time both Sadie and Carter sneak out of their rooms for different reasons, Carter to find Zia, and Sadie to see something she didn't get to see when she got there. Later, the House says that Sadie and Carter are threats to the world because they are hosting the gods Horus and Isis.

They then head to Paris, France to get a book on how to defeat Set, where they reunite with their favorite cat goddess. They then need the feather of truth from Anubis to help them defeat Set. Later the three go to the Rio Grande to speak to Nephthys, Set's wife, to find out his secret name and use it against him. But while Sadie was trying to make contact with Nephtys, Sobek, the crocodile god, knocks her out while Carter tries to hold them off. Phillip of Macedonia comes back, and we learn that he is made of wax. 

Bast sacrifices herself to save Carter and Sadie, and the two reunite with Amos. The three go to Mexico to meet up with Zia (a secret only known to Carter) but something goes wrong because Desjardins shows up and summons Sekhmet to destroy the two. Luckily for our heroes the chili factory was there because the red chili looked like blood to Sekhmet and she eventually transforms into a cow after eating too much. This is just one example of Riordan's sense of humor throughout the novel (though it is true in Eygiptan beliefs).

Our heroes make their way to Set's pyramid to see it is almost completed. They enter the pyramid to see nothing but a throne and the coffin their dad was put into. A short while after, Amos enters through the top by raising it. Apparently, since the Rosetta Stone was blown up, Set has been trying to control Amos but he fought back well. While Carter and Set are fighting, Sadie prepares a spell to bring them and the pyramid to the Washington monument (one of the biggest obelisks in the world) so they can defeat Set. Set has almost been defeated, but only Sadie can see a snake-like figure, known as Apophis, in the sky. 

Sadie throws the feather of truth at Apophis, to reveal Apophis to Carter and Set.  Sadie uses what power she has left to destroy Set's pyramid to stop Apophis from entering the world. Set and Carter agree that if Apophis rises, he will help them so the world isn't destroyed. 
Later, the two head back to Brooklyn, NY to fix up the 21st nome's House of Life from the disaster from the Slizard attack. When they’re about half way finished cleaning it up, Anubis calls them to the Land of the Dead, to accept a gift for helping save the world.  One gift was to finish cleaning the house, and the other to bring Bast back to life.

Carter and Sadie's father, who is partially Osiris, gives them the symbol of Osiris.  The two do not know what to do with it, so they put it away in a locker in a random school so that someone with the blood of the pharoahs, like them, can find it, and will know where to go when they understand what it means.